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Ministry & Organization Descriptions

The “Spirit of St. Patrick” is alive through the wealth of Ministries and Organizations available to its parishioners. 

Please use this information to avail yourself of the many opportunities within our parish. 

For more information please call the Rectory at 717-848-2007 or contact Deacon Michael DeVivo at 347-7350.

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Adopt A Family 

MISSION: To provide the less fortunate of the parish with gifts and food during the Christmas season.

ACTIVITIES: A family in need is adopted by a sponsoring family or organization within the parish.


Altar Servers 

MISSION: From the time of our Baptism we are called to serve our Lord.  This ministry is for the young people of St. Patrick’s School and the Religious Education program from fourth grade and up. This offers the opportunity for the young men and women of our parish to serve Jesus by assisting the priest during Sunday Liturgies, Weddings and Funerals and special liturgical celebrations throughout the year. . The Servers meet several times during the year for instructional training and social functions.

Altar Servers your Service does not need to end as you transition from Middle School/Junior High to High School.  In fact you are encouraged to continue your Service through 12th Grade and College and help to mentor the younger servers.

Athletic Association 

MISSION: To involve young people in the life of the Church through athletics; to provide children of the parish to have opportunities to learn basic Christian values through team sports; to learn good sportsmanship, as they are rooted in faith, nurturing each one’s spiritual and moral growth.

ACTIVITIES: Games are held generally every Saturday and Sunday from December through February. Games consists of basketball teams for boys and girls grades 3-8 and cheerleaders, grades 2-6, as well as tournaments for any child who wishes to participate from the school or parish.

Season runs from October thru March with season ending Sports Banquet.

St Patrick Board/Committee:

Co Coordinator/ Basketball Coordinator :   Vince Bulik

Co Coordinator/ Treasurer:   Cathrine Musso

Coaches/Service Coordinator: Jordan Carr

Secretary: Beth Bulik

Needed: 2 Committee Members to help with tournaments and/or areas as needed.

 Baptism Preparation 

MISSION: Prepare parishioners to receive the sacrament of Baptism.

ACTIVITIES: Call Fr. Carroll to arrange a date. Pre-Baptismal instructions for the parents are held every eight weeks and are mandatory. The dates and times of these classes are listed in the bulletin as they are scheduled.


MISSION: To ensure that no parishioner will grieve alone


Food Ministry: Helps prepare casseroles or dessert or a complete meal for a family experiencing a loss. The meal provides nourishment for the soul as well as physical nourishment.

Resurrection Assembly: Participates by attending the funeral service or Mass, helps the family sit, stand and sing.

Visitation: Visits the bereaved family monthly, in two’s. Assess the well-being of the family, reports back to the Chairman to determine if intervention services are necessary.

Bereavement Support: Trained bereavement counselor(s) who work with the bereaved family and help them find closure. If additional services are needed, refer to York Hospital’s Bereavement program.

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Bible Study 

MISSION: These classes are for anyone who wishes to learn more about the Bible.

ACTIVITIES: This is a good time to get to know more people socially.

Cafeteria Helpers 

MISSION: Our purpose is to provide a nutritious lunch for the students of St. Patrick School.

ACTIVITIES: We have very dedicated and wonderful volunteers who serve the children lunch every school day. They are very committed and appreciated very much. The volunteers are what make this program a success.

Catholic Harvest Food Pantry 

MISSION: Catholic Harvest Food Pantry of York, Pennsylvania, believes that no one should be hungry.  Our mission is to provide food and personal care items to anyone in need, in the greater York community.

ACTIVITIES: Catholic Harvest Food Pantry is set up like a grocery store.  Most volunteers work one evening a month at 628 East Market St. from 6:00 to 7:30 pm assisting clients as they choose the food & personal care items they will take home. Once a year there is a fundraising appeal to support the Pantry; a grocery bag program also occurs in March, June & November to collect donations from the parishioners of St. Patrick.  

Please see our website for additional volunteer opportunities. www.catholicharvest.org

Coffee & Donuts 

MISSION: To provide parishioners an opportunity to gather after Mass for coffee, donuts, conversation and networking opportunities.

ACTIVITIES: Coffee and doughnuts served after 8 AM Mass on Sundays unless otherwise announced.

Communications Committee 

MISSION: To provide planning, support and guidance for all parish communications.

ACTIVITIES: Oversee the coordination of the Annual Parish Report, the Weekly Bulletin, the Parish Directory, the Parish Website, Parish media relations, and other major communication efforts as appropriate.

Compassion York Food Run 

MISSION: To provide a nutritious meal to the poor & homeless of York every Sunday evening.

ACTIVITIES: A different church does the Compassion York food run each Sunday. We at St. Patrick have made a commitment to take three or four Sunday meals in 2014. We will prepare and serve the Sunday dinners for approximately 100 to 150 needy individuals.

WHEN MINISTRY IS PERFORMED: We usually start preparing the meal Sunday afternoon (1 to 2 PM) and we serve, at first stop, at Grace Lutheran from 5:15 to 6 PM, then we serve at St. Patrick from 6:10 to 7:00 PM. Clean up from 7:00 to 7:15 PM.


MISSION: To promote the spiritual, social, intellectual and economic welfare of its members.

  • To impress a steadfast conviction relating to the proper place and function of Catholic women in society, in safeguarding the religious, civil and economic rights of all as Catholics.
  • To assist those in need through individual Columbiette programs.

ACTIVITIES: Group and individual spiritual and service activities include making rosaries for missions, praying a decade of the rosary for the special intentions of those named by members, attending Mass together, volunteering at the Catholic Harvest Food Pantry on a regular basis, and committing to one hour in the Perpetual Adoration Chapel each week. In addition, we assist Knights of Columbus councils and the parishes of the members with various fundraisers and service projects. Proceeds from fund raisers are used to support organizations such as Pregnancy Problem Center, Catholic Harvest Food Pantry, York County Food Bank, religious education programs, York Catholic High School and the church schools, and an orphanage in Honduras as well as individuals in special need which are brought to our attention.

WHEN MINISTRY IS PERFORMED: There is a General Meeting on the fourth Tuesday of each month as well as an officer’s Meeting on the second Tuesday of each month which is also open to all members. In addition, there are usually one or two activities each month where members may participate.

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Divorced & Separated Support Group 

MISSION: Our group provides support for Catholics experiencing the loss of a spouse through separation and or divorce. Those going through a separation/divorce can find consolation in knowing that they are not alone. Our purpose is to support one another without giving advice or counsel as many individuals experience feelings of isolation, rejection, anger and despair during separation/divorce.

ACTIVITIES: We provide the opportunity for people going through a separation/divorce to talk about their feelings, if they wish, with others in the group who are in various stages of being separated from their spouse. Dependant upon the interests of the group, we have had speakers present information on topics such as the Annulment process and Anger. The group occasionally will meet for Mass at different parishes on the first Sunday of the month and socialize afterwards.

Education Board 

 St. Patrick School & Religious Education

The Board of Education is a broad based board to encompass the parish religious education and the school.  The board will be divided into Committees (Facilities, Curriculum, Technology, Social/Activities, and Marketing/Finances).  Members of the Board of Education will be on each committee but each member of the committee will not necessarily be a member of the Board.  The Board will include members of the Pastoral Council, Parish Finance Council, and Parish Long Range Planning Committee.  The creation of this collaborative Board of Education is a response to the School Climate & Needs Survey conducted last fall in which the disconnect between the parish and school was highlighted.

Employment Assistance and Resources 

Ministry of St. Joseph

MISSION: The purpose of this ministry is to assist parishioners and other Catholics with their efforts to prepare to find employment or better employment.  Assistance includes training in and evaluating and identifying gifts, talents and abilities.  Resume preparation and interview role-playing with feedback is also available. In addition, we will help with career discernment and review of opportunities as they arise.

English Language Assistance 

Ministry of St. Frances, Mother Cabrini

MISSION: The purpose of this ministry is to provide assistance to immigrant parishioners and other Catholics with learning English as a second language; as well as assistance in civics and American History as required  in preparation for the citizenship process,

Evangelization Ministry 


We strive to provide for the spiritual nourishment and renewal of the Catholic Faith within our parish by empowering faithful Catholics to become more engaged in the life of the Church; by bringing inactive Catholics "home" to the faith; and by leading non-Catholics to the fullness of the faith.

  • We strive to enable the life of our parish community to grow and be sustained through:
  • Enrichment in the knowledge of the Catholic Faith and Scripture,
  • Opportunities to witness and to share Faith and Fellowship with all,
  • Equipping the faithful to live fully the sacramental life, and
  • Encouraging ourselves and others to provide ideas and support to all Parish Ministries.


United as a Team, supporting each other, we reach out to the diverse needs of our Parish through encouragement, personal invitation, and meeting people where they are.

We seek to instill in our community a loving and nurturing Catholic spirit that fosters the love of God and leads all into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ

We strive to equip our fellow parishioners with the capacity and desire to bring people from the wider community into the fullness of the Catholic Faith.

“Put out into the deep water and let down your nets for a catch.... When they had done this, they caught a great number of fish and their nets were tearing.” (Luke 5:4, 6)

Website: www.stpatrickyork.org/evangelize/index.html

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Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion 

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist Priests and Deacons with the distribution of the Holy Eucharist at Mass and to the sick and home-bound. This ministry to the homebound and hospitalized represents an extension of the Parish’s Liturgy. At St. Patrick Church, the model of the Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion (EMHC) is one of a servant of God, ministering in and to our parish, which is the Body of Christ — the Church.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion must be at least in their senior year of high school, known for a good Catholic manner of living and for service to the parish and the community and have received all the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, First Eucharist, and Confirmation). Ordinarily, they should be persons who have resided in their parish of registration for some time and, therefore, are known to the pastor and people of the parish.

EMHC are mandated by the Bishop for a three-year term that may be renewed for additional three-year terms. As an exception to the three-year mandate, the mandate for a high school senior is for the current school year only and ends upon graduation.

Your service will encourage you in your walk with God, and through your participation in sharing the Body and Blood of Christ with our sisters and brothers, they too will be filled with every blessing of the Spirit of our God. Besides your service at Mass, you are also invited to increase your devotion to the Eucharist through periods of Adoration and spiritual reading on the Eucharist.

Website: www.stpatrickyork.org/evangelize/EMHC.html

Finance Council 

MISSION: Serving as an Financial Advisory Council to the pastor of St. Patrick parish, our purpose is to plan the budgets of the church, school, grounds and rental properties and monitor their operations to budget. This Council approves all capital expenditures that are recommended by the other missions.

ACTIVITIES: Our activities consist of the Annual budget, monthly review of financial statement and submit condensed statements to the Pastoral Council, approve all capital expenditures and present to the Pastoral Council for final approval, general supervision of the building and grounds work and detailed planning for the Summer programs for buildings and grounds.

Good Shepherd Perpetual Adoration 

MISSION: To make sure Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament is Praised, Adored and Loved, at every moment, 24 hours of the day, seven days a week.

ACTIVITIES: Adorers from every parish in the York deanery, agree to spend one hour a week, of their own choosing, in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament in the Adoration Chapel. In addition people are also needed to fill in as substitutes, or visit the Chapel at anytime.

As people’s schedules change they may need to change their chosen hour. Therefore, there is always a need for additional adorers to quietly share the hours 24/7. Our goal is to have at least three people for every hour.

The Adoration Chapel is fully handicap accessible. Come to the right side of the building and knock on the door.

Website: www.stpatrickyork.org/evangelize/AdorationChapel.html

The Kings Men 

MISSION: Under Christ the King's universal call to serve, we as men, pledge to unite and build up men in the mold of leader, protector, and provider through education, formation, action and healing.

The King's Men is a dynamic Catholic men's formation and accountability group that meets weekly to pray, to do spiritual reading and discussion and to be held accountable. The King's Men desire to grow in holiness and in virtue in order to become better leaders, protectors and providers. There simply is no substitute along the masculine journey for quality brotherhood and support! A weekly formation meeting is taking place every Thursday evening in the St Teresa Room (parish office) from 7-9PM. For more information about this meeting please contact Tim Dennis at 717-577-2031. We encourage every man to come and check it out.

Men: do you want to experience your faith in a masculine way? If yes, please join The King's Men- men who are seeking development in their God-given roles as leader, protector and provider. A weekly formation meeting is taking place every Thursday evening in the St Teresa Room (parish office) from 7-9PM. For more information about this meeting please contact Tim Dennis at 717-577-2031.

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Knights of Columbus 

Columbian Squires


Knights of Columbus St. Patrick Council Website

MISSION: The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic men’s service organization. Our programs serve the Church, community, council, family and youth. The Knights of Columbus was started as a way to support the families of Catholic men who had died during a time in our country when Catholics were being suppressed. Since that time, the Knights of Columbus has become one of the best-rated insurance companies in the world. The week after the 9/11 tragedy, the Knights of Columbus sent checks totaling over $1,000,000 to all families that lost someone in the World Trade Center disaster. The Knights of Columbus supports the Pope and his mission through a trust fund set up especially for the Vatican.

ACTIVITIES: We have donated money to seminarians to assist them with some of their daily expenses incurred while in Seminary. We have raised money for ARC and assisted in the Special Olympics. The Knights of Columbus sponsors a Free Throw competition every year for grade school age children where the local winners can advance to regional and state competition. Last year we sponsored an essay contest at York Catholic for seniors and awarded over $300 to winners. The Knights have assisted the parish in renovations to the apartments that the parish owns. Our fund raising activities have included a golf tournament, parish dances, Monty Carlo night, spaghetti dinners as well as our pancake breakfasts, chicken barbeques in the summer months and chicken corn soup sales.

WHEN MINISTRY IS PERFORMED: We have a monthly general meeting on the first Wednesday of each month lasting 1 ¼ hours. We hold an officers meeting on the 4th Wednesday of each month lasting 1 hour.


MISSION: The Squires are in function to develop young men between the ages of 10 and 18 as Catholic leaders who understand their religion, who have a strong commitment to the Church, and who are ready, willing, and capable of living their lives in the manner of the youth Christ. They are also Squires to prepare for Knighthood. (Knights of Columbus.)

ACTIVITIES: We are a service organization, therefore we have many service projects, as well as monthly meetings. Every four months or so we have a special fun activity.


The proclamation of the Word of God is truly a ministry in the Church. Lectors bring the living Word of God to the liturgical assembly. In and through them God speaks to the gathered faithful. The ministry of the word, therefore, is treated seriously and with great dignity.

The Word of God is not merely read during the liturgy. It is proclaimed. Effective proclamation involves the delivery of the message with clarity, conviction, and appropriate pace. Proclamation is a special ministry which presupposes faith and also rouses faith in those who hear the word proclaimed.

At Mass, the Lector proclaims the First and Second readings, the Responsorial Psalm when a Canter is not present, and also leads the Prayers of the Faithful when a Deacon is not present.

Legion of Mary 

MISSION: To foster the spiritual development of the members through prayer, and to involve lay Catholics in the apostolic work of the Church by offering their services to their Pastor to aid him in performing spiritual works in the parish.

ACTIVITIES: By working in teams of two, this group visits parishioners at home, in convalescent homes, and in hospitals. Active members perform two hours of apostolic work each week. Auxiliary members recite the rosary and additional prayers daily, but need not attend any meetings which are held on Monday at 9:45 am Our Lady Grace Meeting room.


Our newly renovated Parish Library will officially open after Masses beginning on the weekend of September 7, 2014. Our library is located in the rear of the school cafeteria. You may borrow books, DVDs or CDs. Just sign out what you are borrowing and return it in a timely fashion when you are finished so that others may have access to our treasures. If you cannot make it to the cafeteria, there will be a list of our books on the parish website and in the back of the church. We hope that you make good use of the library to grow in your knowledge and love of our faith. Also, all donations of books, etc., are always gratefully accepted! For questions or comments, contact Sue Varholy at 854-6653.

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Lighthouse Catholic Media 

Stewardship:  A Mission of Faith and Lighthouse Catholic Media

(Stewardship/Lighthouse Catholic Media)

          There are three beautiful wooden Resource Centers in the narthex of the Church that contains a variety of different resource materials including books, booklets, CDs, DVDs and pamphlets. The materials contain messages on challenging topics of Christian living to help build up your faith in God and to inspire many areas of your life such as:

 Marriage and family

 Children and teens

 Spiritual growth and prayer life

 Basics of our faith

 Answers to questions you’ve always wondered about

 Stories of conversion, or returning to the faith

          People from all walks of life profess that these materials have helped them grow in a deeper personal and intimate relationship with God, and life changing conversions have occurred.

          All materials are free. Gift donations are accepted and the money will be used to replenish the material and further the mission as well as help plant seeds of faith in other Churches. What a great way to begin “Living a Stewardship Life” and to grow in love for God.

          Learning and growing in faith is a lifelong process. Start today! Please take a few moments after the service to stop by our new Resource Center to see what is available.

Mary Galiardi                                                Elaine Weinstein

717-852-0291                                                 717-428-6082

jmesag@aol.com                                          momofprincesses3@yahoo.com

Liturgy Mission 

MISSION: The purpose of this committee is to assist in the preparation and coordination of all aspects related to church liturgies. Included in this mission are the following ministries: Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Altar Servers, Ushers, Pastoral Music and Art & Environment.

ACTIVITIES: Prepare Penitential Services, Forty Hours and seasonal liturgies including Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter. We also prepare special liturgies for RCIA, Remembrance service, Anointing of the Sick.  Members of the Art & Environment ministry see to the decorating needs for the various liturgical celebrations and liturgical seasons.

Long Range Planning 

Description to be Developed

Love Ones Remembered 

 MISSION: Loved Ones Remembered Service is held in the Church each year around All Souls Day and is offered in commemoration of our loved ones who have passed into eternal life.  The service includes prayerful meditations and musical selections as well as a symbolic candle lighting with the recitation of the names of those known to have died during the past 2 years. A reception with light refreshments takes place in Msgr. Thomas R. Brenner Hall immediately following the service.

This year's Service will take place on Sunday Nov 2, 2014 (All Souls Day) at 7:00 pm in St. Patrick Church.  Please RSVP no later than 2 weeks prior (Oct 18, 2014)

To RSVP: Please include your contact name, the number planning to attend and a phone number along with the name of your loved ones as preferred to be read during the service [PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY] and place in the collection basket at St. Patrick Church before the Service.

Marriage Encounter


Martha's Table 

Intended to support families in the parish who are dealing with family members who have had surgery or been in the hospital, or difficulty with extended illness.  By serving  the family just one meal initially--so it wouldn't become something they depended on for a long period of time.

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Mission Team (Guatemala) 

MISSION: The St. Patrick Church Missionary Team is engaged with the Catholic ministry at San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala.  We work in-concert with our partners at the Diocese of New Ulm, near Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Our purpose is to provide third-world country economic development and humanitarian programs as a cross-cultural learning experience for adults over the age of 18 from our parish.

ACTIVITIES: Our ministry provides assistance to maximize the selling of cash crops, raise funds for job skills training, provide educational materials for teachers and children, and construct housing as well as sanitary cooking facilities for indigent families in Guatemala.

We encourage those from the St. Patrick community with skills in business, medical, and construction trades to join us to continue this annual ministry and help those in need in Latin America.

Natural Family Planning



MISSION: The purpose of our ministry is to provide a safe and caring environment for children and help parents benefit spiritually from this service.

ACTIVITIES: If the child uses the nursery, I ask if one of the parents would volunteer one hour every other month. Notices are put in the church bulletin. I ask anyone that comes near the nursery to help.

Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen 

MISSION: To provide a nourishing meal for the needy and underprivileged of our community.

ACTIVITIES: Volunteers prepare casseroles twice a year. Other volunteers make phone calls once a year to remind the makers of the casseroles that it is their month to provide a Shepherd's Pie to the soup kitchen. Volunteers also serve the meal the third Wednesday of each month at our Daily Bread.

AMOUNT OF TIME REQUIRED / WHEN MINISTRY IS PERFORMED: The actual making of the casserole is approximately 1 1/2 hour to 2 hours, this includes cooking time of 1 hour or a little longer. Add to that the amount of time it will take to deliver that casserole to the soup kitchen. The women who make the monthly phone calls will spend about 30 minutes depending on how long it takes to get a hold of a casserole maker. The servers at the kitchen spend about 2 hours at the Soup Kitchen. Our day to prepare a meal is always the 3rd Wednesday of every month.

Parish Annual Picnic 

The annual Parish Picnic is held each year on a Sunday in late August and is a time for the Parish Community to gather in a social event at the close of summer.  A small fee is charge per family to cover incidental items.

Parishioners are asked to bring a dish to share with everyone, e.g. salad donations or dessert donations. Games are provided for children (guessing games) and adults (pokeno, bingo) with prizes for each group. Music is also provided as well.  Even a dunk tank was provided this year.

Volunteers are needed to help prepare and fry the chicken on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Times TBD.

Pastoral Council 

Our Mission :

The Pastoral Council of St. Patrick Parish, called by God and led by the Holy Spirit, serves in love to join together all St. Patrick parishioners to fulfill the mission of the Church set forth by Jesus Christ. This service, rooted in prayer and faith, involves inviting everyone in our faith community into a closer relationship with God, ensuring that the goals of the parish, as embodied in the parish mission statement, are carried out, reviewing and recommending policy, conducting parish planning, overseeing the activities of the parish's ministries and encouraging creativity, accountability, training, and ongoing spiritual formation in each parish ministry. The Pastoral Council is also concerned with implementing, at the parish level, the mission of the Diocese of Harrisburg. 

Our Vision:

The vision of the Pastoral Council is of a St. Patrick Parish that is a true community growing together in faith, a family striving to know God's will, a fellowship on fire with a unifying spirit, a house of welcome to all and a place of service to all.

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Pastoral Ministry Mission

MISSION: To encourage, initiate and foster those parish organizations which are providing services that directly support the Church’s efforts to strengthen our sense of being a Christian community.


Pastoral Music Ministries 

"He who sings, prays twice."St. Augustine

MISSION: The purpose of Pastoral Music is two-fold. First, it provides an opportunity for parishioners who have musical talents and abilities to offer their gift of time and talent, which is truly their treasure, in service of their parish and their Lord. Second, it enhances or deepens the worship experience in order to assist the assembly in entering more easily into “full, conscious, active participation” in the liturgy, “the work of the people.”

The length of commitment for these choirs is one year at a time.

Rehearsals begin in September and run through May. This commitment is renewable each year. 

Cherub Choir


Who: children Pre-K through Kindergarten

Rehearsals:  Beginning in October – day and time to be determined

Where:  Choir Room in Parish Office Building.

Ms. Lisa Pantano will be directing this group and would like to have input from parents regarding what schedule might work best for families of these youngest singers. Please let her know if you are interested in having your little ones sing in this group by emailing her directly at lpantano@stpatrickyork.net




Who: children in grade 1 and 2. 

Rehearsals:  Weekly – Thursdays: 2:45 – 4:00 PM (includes time for after-school snack)

Where:  Choir Room in Parish Office Building.

Children in this choir will learn the basics of choral singing, focusing on unison singing, and healthy singing practices. These children will be prepared in this smaller setting to sing with the children’s choir for Christmas, Easter, and at least two Sundays through the year.

Director: Ms. Lisa Pantano

Children’s Choir

Who: children in grades 3 through 6. 

Rehearsals:  Weekly – choose Choir A or Choir B meeting times.

  • Choir Session A:  Mondays, 6:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Choir Session B:  Wednesdays, 2:45 – 4:15 PM  (includes after-school snack)

Where:  Choir Room in Parish Office Building.

Children in this choir will continue to develop the basic skills of good choral singing, with special emphasis on two-part singing. This choir sings the second Sunday of each month October through May at the 10:45 AM Mass, as well as Christmas, Palm Sunday, Easter and First Communion. 

Director: Ms. Lisa Pantano

Youth Choir

Who: Teens grades 7 through 12       This is an SATB choir.

Rehearsals : Sunday mornings 9:10 – 10:30 AM

  • Special rehearsal and performance schedule for Youth Choir – not weekly.

Where: Choir Room in Parish Office Building

Co-Directors: Ms. Lisa Pantano & Miss Libby Lynch

Adult Choir

Who: Adults and College students

Rehearsals:  Weekly – Thursday evenings, 7:00 to 8:30 PM  

Where: Choir Room in Parish Office Building. Please ring Parish Office doorbell.

This choir sings at the 10:45 AM Mass the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month, as well as Christmas, Holy Week, Easter, Confirmation, and other special parish liturgies. Music readers and non-readers alike are welcome!  

Director: Miss Libby Lynch


The role of the cantor is one of Psalmist and leader of song. The General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM) says it so well: “The Psalmist’s role is to sing the Psalm or other biblical canticle that comes between the readings. To fulfill this function correctly, it is necessary that the psalmist have the ability for singing and a facility in correct pronunciation and diction.  (Girm102)

Therefore, cantors are accepted through audition or invitation by the Director of Music only. 

Student cantors are primarily drawn from the choir membership. Auditions required.

Adult cantors are often choir members, but choir membership is not required. Individual rehearsal times may be arranged as the need arises


If you play an instrument and would like to offer your time and talent to music for liturgies, or play piano at a fairly advanced level and would like to audition to serve as piano accompanist to any of our choirs, please contact the pastoral music office. We want to hear from you!

Private Music Lessons:

With the addition of Ms. Lisa Pantano to our music ministry, time is available for us to offer private instruction to anyone who would like to take private music lessons with either one of us. Our areas of expertise are as follows:

Miss Libby Lynch:  Degree – MMus in Music Education – West Chester University – concentration - piano, organ, French horn. Private lessons available in: PIANO – early childhood through adult; FRENCH HORN or TRUMPET – beginner to intermediate level. Send inquiries to Libby at llynch@stpatrickyork.net

Ms. Lisa Pantano: Degree – Masters – George Washington University; BMus – Eastman School of Music Concentration – vocal performance; Licensed Kindermusic educator – specializing in music classes for infants through children 8 years of age; Founded Bel Canto Singers of WI for singers age 6 – 16, and prepared them for singing at Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Center and Vatican.

Private VOICE lessons available. Send inquiries to lpantano@stpatrickyork.net


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MISSION: The Patricians are a division of the Harrisburg Deanery Senior Adult Ministry which is open to all seniors (55 or over) of any denomination for the purpose of sharing and serving the entire person – body, mind and spirit – through: 1) programs of programs of prayer activities and fellowship; 2) luncheons with other senior groups (ecumenical). Request for prayers for the youth of our country and support youth causes if possible.

ACTIVITIES: Meetings are held the first Monday of each month at 1:00 p.m. in the school cafeteria.  Prayer Breakfasts are held biannually. The Patricians also have Lenten around the cross service and pilgrimages to cathedrals, grottos and convents.

Peace And Justice Group 

MISSION & VISION: The mission of St. Patrick Parish’s Peace and Justice Group is to make known God’s Kingdom of love, justice, and peace by responding to the social demands of the Gospel. This response involves incorporating Catholic social teaching fully and explicitly into all of St. Patrick Parish’s education and faith-formation programs, building and sustaining an awareness of timely social justice issues of concern to the Catholic Church, and taking an active, leadership role in addressing the root causes of social injustice. The vision of the Peace and Justice Group is of a St. Patrick Parish community which clearly understands the Church’s social teaching and actively responds to the social demands of the Gospel.

ACTIVITIES: Individuals who may want to become involved in the Peace & Justice Group should have a desire to want more from their baptized faith. One should feel an inner need to put their faith into action. People needed to help promote social change in institutions, to do research or monitor government policies and bills, to support political candidates who support issues that uphold the dignity of the human person from conception to natural death, to write or speak to legislators, to help organize people and groups together, to start a Co-Op, to fight against racism and much more. All levels of commitment and involvement are welcomed.

WHEN MINISTRY IS PERFORMED: Regular meetings occur the first Wednesday of each month from 7:30 pm to 9 pm. Monthly faith sharing gatherings, centered on Catholic social teaching principles, scheduled on a weekday evening that works for all group members. Occasional opportunities for additional activities.

Prayer Chain 

MISSION: To promote our love of God through prayer for the needs and intentions of others.

ACTIVITIES: The coordinator passes on the prayer requests by telephone through the prayer chain. Volunteers on the prayer chain offer their individual prayers and daily sacrifices for the intention of each request.

Prayer & Praise Community 

MISSION: The purpose of our ministry is to gather together to praise God in song and prayer and to build a Christian Community.

ACTIVITIES: Catholics from all area parishes and persons of other faiths, who seek to deepen their relationship with God, are invited to join the Prayer and Praise Community.

WHEN MINISTRY IS PERFORMED: Every Monday night from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the school cafeteria.

Website: www.stpatrickyork.org/evangelize/ComeAndSee.html

Pre-Cana Marriage Preparation 

MISSION:  To share insights and to offer personal experience about married life. To encourage engaged couples to participate in private and group conversations that will enrich their understanding of each other and open a continuous dialog on many aspects throughout their married lives.

Marriage Preparation

When a couple decides to get married, it is a time of grace and growth. It is also a time of many details and some anxiety. The Church desires to help couples prepare themselves to live this sacrament and to celebrate their marriage with dignity and joy. This preparation is required for all Catholics who intend to get married, even if the marriage is at a non-Catholic church. The priests of the parish are happy to answer specific questions about Church theology, policies, and practices on marriage. The following is a summary of the specific steps of marriage preparation.

The Catholic Church wants to help the two of you with the most important of these preparations—your spiritual preparation for a lifelong commitment.

PreCana Requirements

PreCana is presented by married volunteers of the parish who share experiences from their marriages. They will lead you through exercises designed to generate discussion between you and your partner about subjects you may or may not have already discussed. Through these discussions we hope you will learn something new about each other and gain a greater appreciation of each other’s different attitudes and beliefs.

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Pregnancy & Family Resource Center 

MISSION: The Mission of the Pregnancy & Family Resource Center is to provide alternatives to abortion that respect life and encourage the healthy development of the family.

ACTIVITIES: The Pregnancy & Family Resource Center provides peer counseling, free pregnancy test kits, free OB ultrasound, information about the development of her growing unborn child, baby clothing, maternity clothing, diapers, formula, cribs, and other baby items, referrals to other agencies, information on adoption. We also offer a video library on many topics from adoption to childbirth to parenting skills. Volunteers at the Pregnancy & Family Resource Center work in two capacities, receptionist and counselor. Training is provided.

AMOUNT OF TIME REQUIRED: Volunteers work every other week for a three hour shift during the day, or two hours in the evening.

Website: www.yorkpregnancycenter.com

P.T.O. - Parent Teacher Organization 

MISSION: The St. Patrick School PTO is dedicated to assisting in the growth and development of the school. All parents are urged to become members and to actively participate. Meetings are held the first Monday of the month at 6:30 pm unless the first Monday falls on a holiday. The Board meets with parents of students new to the school for Back to School Orientation. In addition, the PTO publishes a school directory annually. The PTO follows NCEA Guidelines for parent organizations.

ACTIVITIES: The PTO provides St. Patrick School, students, and teachers with those “extras” that are not in the Church’s budget. A few of these include: Fall Festival, Christmas Concert, Catholic Schools Week, St. Patrick’s Day Party, Spring Concert, Field Trips, Race For Education, Grandparents' Day and Potluck Suppers. This year we will be including Religious Education families in activities such as Fall Festival, Potluck Suppers, and other social activities when opportunities arise.

Public Recitation of the Rosary 

We invite you to join us. All are most welcome to join the Rosary Group every Wednesday after the 5:15 Mass in the Church.

We pray the Rosary representing all in St. Patrick Parish, praying to Our Blessed Lady to honor her the Mother Of God and to make personal petitions and general petitions to her to be presented to her Son.

In addition, the Rosary is also prayed (15-20 min.) before the 8 am Sunday Mass in the Church.

Religious Education 

MISSION: The purpose of religious education is to offer opportunities for all members of the parish to grow in their faith.

RELIGION CLASSES: Classes are provided for all children from age 5 through High School. The purpose of the program is to assist parents in the religious formation of their children.

CLASSES FOR CHILDREN: Sunday, 9:15-10:30—Religious Education for children K-8 High School meets twice a month 9:15-10:30

There are many opportunities for volunteers to assist in this mission. Volunteer catechists and aides are needed for religion classes for the children. Volunteers to teach and assist with the RCIA program are also needed. The addition of the parish library needs volunteers to keep the room in good order, reshelf the books and add any donations to the library master list.

LENGTH OF COMMITMENT: Volunteer catechists serve AT LEAST one year.

AMOUNT OF TIME REQUIRED / WHEN MINISTRY IS PERFORMED: Teaching Time- 1.25 hours Prep Time—approximately 2 hours/week.

 RCIA - Rite of Christian Initiation 

MISSION: To provide the process for the preparation of Adults and children who desire to be Initiated into the Catholic faith.

ACTIVITIES: Breaking Open the Word in held during the 9 AM Mass. Catechetical Sessions are held from 10:15 AM to 11:45 AM. Volunteers are needed for Breaking Open the Word, Catechetical Sessions and filling the role of sponsor.

LENGTH OF COMMITMENT: There is a Diocesan training process for leaders of Breaking Open the Word and Catechetical sessions. Following training, a minimum 2 year commitment is asked.

AMOUNT OF TIME REQUIRED / WHEN MINISTRY IS PERFORMED: In addition to the times listed above, volunteers can expect about 1-2 hours preparation during the week they are scheduled to present either the Sunday Scripture session or the Catechetical session.

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MISSION: Sacristans oversee the necessary preparations for the celebration of mass. The Sacristan has multiple duties and responsibilities at each Mass; they may vary from Mass to Mass based upon the needs of the celebrant and of the parishioners attending the Mass.


  1. Responsible for the security of the Sacristy (including the collection) and for security of the Eucharist.

  2. Mass set up and clean up. See detailed the detailed procedures.

  3. Mass coordinator (in the case of a visiting priest)

  •  Assist the celebrant with whatever duties/details that he needs done

  • Makes sure the candles are lit and the lights (please follow the instructions on the electrical panel) and sound system is turned on prior to the beginning of mass.

  •  It is necessary for the sacristan to make sure all other scheduled liturgical ministers are present, and to appoint replacements for any who are absent.

  • Insure that there are Altar Servers and that they are properly dressed and know what each will be doing during the Mass.

  • Check to see that you have a Lector and that the Lectionary and Prayer of the Faithful are available as needed.

  • Insure that you have enough EMHC to distribute communion.  

  1. At the conclusion of Mass please wash the Sacred Vessels and place them on the vesting cabinet for Father to set up for the next Mass. If it is the last Mass of the day please return them to the safe and lock it.

Note – if necessary, the Sacristan can also server as an EMHC or Lector.

St. Patrick Catholic School 

St. Patrick Catholic School is a Preschool through Sixth grade Elementary School within the Harrisburg Diocese.

Established in 1886, St. Patrick School is the oldest Catholic elementary school in York County.

The curriculum is based on the teachings of the Church. We are dedicated to maintaining a safe school environment that stresses strong morals, family values and academic excellence. Students who leave St. Patrick Catholic School have the skills and tools to be life-long learners, thus successful adults in both the Church and the workplace.

St. Patrick Welcomers 

MISSION: To be ambassadors of our faith through the extension of personal welcome to new parishioners.

ACTIVITIES: Gestures of welcome to new parishioners. “Meet Our Newest Members” articles in each monthly issue of the Celtic Chronicles. Sponsor quarterly Pot Luck Welcoming Dinners for all parishioners to come together and meet our newest members.

Social Concerns Mission 

MISSION: To encourage, initiate and foster those parish organizations and activities that deal with social justice issues and work for social change in support of those issues in a way consistent with Catholic Social Teaching. To foster and support those parish organizations that encourage parishioners to participate in corporal works of mercy which serve the immediate needs of the underprivileged and marginalized in the York and worldwide community.

The Social Concerns Mission
consists of the following programs.

Catholic Harvest Food Pantry


Stewardship Mission 

MISSION: To foster a sense of individual membership, involvement and commitment within our Christian Community, and increase fulfillment of our spiritual and social needs through an ongoing stewardship program of contributing time, talent and treasure.

ACTIVITIES: Participate actively in monthly committee meetings. Attend quarterly prayer gatherings. Help coordinate annual Renewal, annual Time and Talent Ministry Festival, annual Stewardship Dinner, and at least one stewardship retreat per year. Help prepare bulletin stewardship column and stewardship petitions for Mass. Opportunities to attend stewardship training workshops available each year. Other various activities throughout the year. Level of involvement is flexible depending on availability of each member.


MISSION: The ushers of St. Patrick’s Church play an integral role in our parish spirit. They provide us with the comfort of a friendly greeting when we enter the Church for Mass.

ACTIVITIES: Their responsibilities start before many of us arrive. Some of the more obvious tasks include: helping people find seating, direct the Presentation of the Gifts, and collection of the offerings.  When we finally leave the Church the Ushers are there to hand out the bulletins with the same warmth that greeted you before.

Vacation Bible School 

MISSION: To provide a fun, safe environment for children that will assist them in developing a deeper understanding of Scripture and the Catholic faith.

ACTIVITIES: This is a 5 day session during June. There are games, crafts, stories, music and snacks. Volunteers are needed for preparation during April and May. Catechists and other volunteers are needed during the week of VBS.


MISSION: To support the mission of our parish and the vision of its Pastor, the Parish School and Ministries.  This ministry works collaboratively with all groups to enhance the sharing of parish information with the community at large.

It assists the parish in evaluation, implementation, and maintenance of information across the Parish to support its mission by supplying interactive tools to enhance the resources of all Parish ministries, improving parishioner involvement, and expanding Parish outreach. 

Women's Prayer Group 

Ministry of St. Rita of Cascia

This is a faith sharing and prayer community meets weekly to testify to God's goodness, discuss and share the issues faced by Christian women; and to pray for marriages, families, and  God's people,  We ,meet week y on Wednesdays at 7 pm.

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Youth Ministry 

Mission Statement

St. Patrick and St. Joseph Parishes in York have a collaborative youth ministry program focused on youth in grades 5-12 as well as young adults ages 21-33. The overall goal of each of our youth ministry programs is to help young people encounter the Person of Jesus Christ, so they can come to know Him, love Him and serve Him through the Catholic Faith. The youth ministries are a diverse mix of young people who go to Catholic school, public school and homeschool.

SPARKS Catholic Kids’ Club

Sparks is our ministry for students in grades 5-7. Designed around the concepts of FAITH & FUN, we meet on the 3rd Friday of each month from October to May. The meetings take place at St. Joseph gymnasium (2935 Kingston Road, York) from 6:30-9:00pm. Each evening has a theme of focus from Scripture and includes: opening activity/icebreaker, short faith lesson, meaningful prayer time, snack and drink and lots of crazy, run-around games to end the evening! Sparks is run by a dedicated core team of adults from both parishes. Normal monthly attendance is 70-100 young people.

IGNITE Youth Ministry

Ignite is our ministry for teens in grades 8-12. Our “regular” meetings are held weekly, year-round (except certain holidays) on Sunday nights from 6:00-9:00pm in the youth room and gym at St. Joseph (2935 Kingston Road, York). In addition to these weekly meetings Ignite also offers monthly Guys/Girls Nights, the ID Series (catechetical sessions on Thursday nights), a Fall Retreat, a Lenten Retreat, Fan the Fire Youth Rally, Steubenville Youth Conference, summer Missions Trip, various other service opportunities, monthly ENGULF Holy Hour, and various trips/events like the March for Life, Hershey Park, York Revolution Baseball, music festivals, Lock-Ins, dances, annual ice cream social, etc. Ignite is run by a dedicated core tea of adults from both parishes. Attendance varies depending on the event.


Since the most effective youth ministry reaches out to the whole family and then tries to engage the youth more deeply into the life of the parish, the youth office also offers three distinct ministry opportunities to parents:

1.  "Whine” & Cheese Parent Nights: W&C meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from October to May. It is open to parents of children ANY AGE. The format is we read through and discuss a Catholic parenting/family book each year. At the meetings we enjoy various wines, cheese, desserts, fruit and coffee while discussing a chapter or two and then end with prayer. The meetings are held in the youth room at St. Joseph Parish.

2.  ParenTeen Nights: These are held every other month throughout the year in place of one of the regular Sunday night Ignite events. Teens in grades 8-12 must bring at least one parent to attend. The nights consist of icebreakers, games and/or fun contests/competitions between teens and their parents, small group discussion, snacks/food and time for prayer.

3.  T.A.P.E. Retreat (Teens And Parents Encounter): This is an every other year retreat experience for teens and parents fashioned around the Marriage Encounter model. Core team members give various presentations on parent-teen relationships and then the teens and parents separate to write letters to one another, then come back together to share their letters and discuss them as a parent-teen couple. The two-day retreat also includes: Mass, Adoration, games/icebreakers, meals, quiet prayer time and MORE!


TOT-York meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month at a local tavern for fellowship, adult beverages, a guest speaker, time for Q&A and more fellowship followed by prayer. Our speakers have include priests, deacons, religious sisters, lay men and lay women, lawyers, doctors, youth ministers and they have spoken on a variety of topics. All young adults ages 21-33ish (married or single) are welcome.

For more information please join our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/totyork/?ref=br_tf

Website: http://www.sjy.org/Ministries/YouthYoungAdultMinistries.aspx

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